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We currently have a whole host of Special Offers on our Futon Sofa Beds: Free Pair of Cushions on our STAKKA Futons, STARTA Futons, VAST and REGATTA Sofa Beds. Free Upholstered Headboard Arm Rests o [...]


New Fabric Choices for our ZIPIT Roll-Up mattresses. We've added a whole new selection of fabric colours to our ever-popular ZIPIT roll-up mattresses.  Ideal for sleepovers; camping mattresses;  [...]

ZIPIT Roll-Up Mattress - New Fabric Choices

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Choice of fillings for Zipit Roll Up Mattresses

Our unique Zipit roll up mattresses are ideal for camping beds, sleepovers, spare rooms, or as mattress toppers.  

Now you can choose between two types of fillings:

Futon Fillings - filled with a combination of 2 pure 300g/m2 wool layers with a core of woollen felt 1800g/m2.  This filling is similar to traditional Japanese futon mattresses.

Alternatively our foam-filled zipit is filled with a 7cm thick Reflex foam pad.  This sufficiently dense to provide a fully-supportive mattress.  

Both the futon and foam Zipit mattress rolls up and zips up for easy storage when not needed.  


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